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Dakshina Kali

                Mahakali is a Hindu goddess. She is a special form of Goddess Kali. According to Hindu mythology, She is the companion of Mahakal (Lord Shiva). She is the goddess of consciousness and the basis of reality and existence. Mahakali in Sanskrit is the feminine form of Mahakal (a form of Shiva, also imagined as death). Goddess Kali and all Her other forms are different manifestations of Mahakali.

            Mahakali is mentioned in various mythological and Tantric Hindu scriptures (Shastras). In these texts, She has been portrayed in various ways as Odyssey-Goddess Durga. At the same time, She is described as the primary force and the ultimate reality of the universe. According to that belief, She is identical with Brahma. Again, She became known as nature power (power of woman) or the world which is the opposite of male consciousness. She is worshiped in the world in various forms. Such as Shyama Kali, Dakshina Kali, Bhadra Kali, Srishti Kali, Rakta Kali, Rudra Kali, Yam Kali, Sanhar Kali, Mahakal Kali, Chinnamasta, Paramark Kali, Kalagnirudra Kali, Martand Kali, Sthitinasha Kali, Mahabhairavaghorachanda Kali (Kalsankarshini Kali), etc.

Shyama Kali
Interpretation of the Idol of Mother Kali

                In the idol of Mother Kali, She is seen standing on the lying still Lord Shiva. There is a saying that "Lord Shiva without power like a corpse" which means that Lord Shiva is always inactive without the power of Mahakali. The word 'corpse' means dead body. In other words, it means that without femininity, Shiva, that is, the entire creation is stationary or inactive. This philosophy explains why She stands above Lord Shiva, despite her husband according to Shaktism and Shiva being the supreme deity of Hinduism according to Shaivism. This explanation is that the destructive Mahakali can stop his wrath only in the presence of Shiva, the God of consciousness so that the balance of life is not disturbed by his wrath. According to mythology, Mother Kali got very angry while killing the demons, no one had the power to stop that anger. It can destroy the earth. Then at the request of all the deities, Lord Shiva lay down at Her feet. When She puts Her foot on her husband's body, sticks out her tongue in shame & calms down.

             Who has ever been able to describe the eternal, the infinite? Who will describe the maternal mother of this world universe? She Herself is the Absolute Brahma. Upanayana or paita is used in the time of worship in Her idol. That means She is nature, She is male also. She is the main source of all energy, Goddess Adyashakti Maa Mahamaya. How much do we know this world? The universe is far away? How can the creator of that universe be explained? Ramprasad Sen, Sadhak Bamakshyapa, Ramakrishna Paramahansadev, Swami Vivekananda, may have gained some Her proximity, they understood Her presence.

            In fact, the rule of this world is that whoever has such thoughts, has such benefits or gain. Just as one cannot learn to swim if one does not dive into the water, in the same way, one cannot be found without establishing a relationship with God. People can know the science, but it is never possible to get theology (Brahmagyan) from the house of science. Normally the air cannot be touched but can be felt. In the same way, She cannot be caught unless She catches herself. Establishing a relationship first, then feeling, then seeing her.

Maa Kali, Adyapith

            According to Hinduism, every idol we worship has a special meaning. Here I am only trying to explain the image of Mother Mahakali. I have said before that whoever has such thoughts, has such benefits. Someone else's opinion may differ with the interpretation. Apologies if wrong.

        In other words, whatever is in the universe, it is inside our body. The outer infinite universe cannot be grasped, but with a little effort by yoga, sadhana, bhajan, meditation, the presence of God can be felt in our body. Saints, sages have attained or gained that absolute power through yoga, austerities.

        Rajrajeshwari (Queen of the Universe), Jagat Janani (Mother of the World) is She a beggar? The brilliance of Her Form is equal to the energy of millions of suns together. What does it mean to show Her in such a black shape, in the crematorium, as the Goddess of slaying demons, the Goddess of death? What does it mean to show Mahadev, the God of all gods, living in the crematorium with such ashes? Is He a beggar? 

            There is no end to the questions and answers. The eternal question is its eternal answer. So it is better to say a word or two with little of my knowledge. He is a symbol of strength/energy. The blood of our body. Which carries air, semen, that is life, which means he has retained Radhakrishna. She is the one who destroys the demonic instincts of the mind in the form of another woman (maybe a wife or anyone). That is, She destroys the lust of the mind of demonic instincts. 

        But for this, femininity must be known. The woman (a form of wife) in our house is a symbol of power or energy. The place in the vagina where we are constantly killing is like a crematorium. Again, for the one who can save that life, that place is equal to Vrindavan of that body. I do not have more knowledge than this, but with the grace of the Spiritual Master, you can get it. Again in the form of Chhinnamasta, Ira, Pingala, Susamma (the major three veins) means the symbol of air, bile, and phlegm, through which we have to give up our lives in the end.

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