Pithoragarh - Uttarakhand

by - November 19, 2020


             A tiny city region booming with visitors is a prime example of the pure beauty of nature and is also lovingly referred to as the 'Little Kashmir'. A doorway to the Himalayan Range, this town also provides as a stopover for pilgrims on their route to Kailash Mansarover.

            Located in the breathtaking Soar valley and flanked by Nepal in the east & Tibet in the north, Pithoragarh offers an unforgettable journey. With the Kali River flowing through a town decorated with peaceful temples, villages, fortresses, lush green forests & natural resources, this location is a gift for travelers looking.

Place to Visit


            A small and stunningly beautiful town in the Himalayas, Munsiyari is nearly 125 km from Pithoragarh. A paradise of wildflowers, lakes & other raw forms of nature, it is also said to be the entry point to the Johar region of the Himalayas. Munsiyari is also the starting point of the Gori Ganga River. 



            Chandak is a peak with the potential for a short trek on the north side of the Soar Valley. Situated at a distance of 10 km from Pithoragarh, this breathtaking location offers its tourists a taste of excitement in the form of hang gliding.

            Away from this the Mostamanu Temple is almost 2.5 km away on down. This temple draws a lot of tourists during Aug-Sep when a fair is held.

Kafni Glacier Trek

            The dramatic scenery and tranquility prevalent in this area have an incomparable appeal. The Kaphini (Kafni) Glacier is situated on the left side of the Pindar Valley below the prominent Nandakot hill.

            Compared to Pindar, the valley is much wider and the rhododendron that blooms here is gloriously stunning. The major Himalayan peaks visible from the glacier are Nandakot (6870 m) & Nandabhnar (6240 m). Mid-April to November is the best time for this trek.

Sanctuary of Askot

            A heaven for nature lovers and botanical enthusiasts, the sanctuary of Askot is adorned with a large range of flora and fauna. Located at an altitude of 5415m and at a distance of 55 km from Pithoragarh, this place is covered by rich and beautiful surroundings.

            You can see various kinds of animals such as chirs, pheasants, koklas, bharals, black bears of the Himalayas, chukors, snow leopards and musk deers, etc. Besides inhabiting wildlife, Askot is also adorned with many temples.

How to Reach

            Pithoragarh has no airport or railway station of its own. The nearest airport, Dehradun-226 km from Pithoragarh. Tanakpur serves as the closest railway station to Pithoragarh at a distance of perhaps 140 km. This station has a good connection to many of India's major cities. You can simply hire a cab from outside the station for a smooth ride to your destination. Pithoragarh is well attached to all large cities of Uttaranchal by well-connected roads. In fact, this small town can be attained from the neighbouring states as well as from private cars and state buses with regular services.

Best time to Visit 

            During the summer season, that means from April to June, the climate is neither very hot nor very cold, but enjoyable enough for sightseeing. During the months of Jul and Aug, the Monsoon season, heavy rainfall resulting in landslides and slippery roads. It is recommended that you avoid traveling during this season. The winters in Pithoragarh have been absolutely freezing with snow at higher altitudes. It is recommended that summers be the best time to enjoy the city.

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