Swasthya-Sathi Card and Scholarships for Minorities - West Bengal, Within the Country is on Record

by - November 27, 2020


Residents of West Bengal Without Insurance Under Healthcare (Swasthya-Sathi Card)

                Healthcare 'Revolution'! The people of the state no longer have to worry about the cost of treatment. Every family that is not covered by any insurance or health service is being brought under Health Care. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took an unprecedented step. The State Government will take responsibility for the treatment of everyone in a foreign style. Up to five lakh rupees per family annually. And this decision will be effective before the assembly vote. Cashless facilities will be available in one and a half thousand public and private hospitals. Across the borders of Bengal, 100 million people in the state will get free treatment with this insurance at AIIMS and Vellore in Delhi. This will cost Rs 2,000 crore from the government treasury.

                The condition is the same. No government insurance or health scheme can be availed at work or otherwise. This service will be launched next month. Earlier in the day, the Chief Minister also raised the issue of the New Smart Card of Swasthya-Sathi. By showing which free treatment can also be found in private hospitals. She added that those who do not have a card can sign up for the service under the 'Door to Door Government' program. Health workers will go home and bring information. The card will match on its basis. It will be issued in the name of a woman as the head of the family.

            In the meantime, the Chief Minister had taken the initiative to bring seven and a half crore residents of the state under health care. She does not want to confine this government initiative to any boundaries. So virtually every family in the state is being brought under insurance. Mamata Banerjee has proudly announced that she will soon bring two and a half crore citizens under health care. People who have availed of other Government Health Insurance benefits can also leave this service if they wish. BJP leaders regularly attacked Mamata Banerjee's Government for not launching the Centre's 'Ayushman Bharat' project. Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also said that his party's government would implement the project if it came to power in the state. The Chief Minister has given a silent reply to their announcement. The West Bengal Government is providing health insurance to the people of the state at its own expense. When the vaccine will come, it has also set the tone. On the same day, the Chief Minister also announced an increase of Rs.1,000 allowance for Anganwari workers. 

Scholarships For Minorities

                The State is giving scholarships to about 5 million minority students in the midst of the epidemic. And Mamata Banerjee's government is going to set a record in the country in terms of this number.

            Not only Muslims but also students of Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Persian & Sikh communities will get scholarships on a merit basis. The application process has started on August 1. It will continue till December 15. The response to this initiative of the government is quite good. The latest report from the Department of Minorities says about 4.5 million students have applied by Thursday. 20 days left. The head of the department is hopeful that the number of applicants will reach the target.

                Last year, the state awarded scholarships to about 42 lakh minority students. About 700 crores in money. In view of the additional applications this year, additional funds have been earmarked under the direction of Chief Minister and Minority Development Minister Mamata Banerjee. An additional Rs.30 crores have been allocated for additional applications, a finance ministry official said. In other words, this time the minority scholarship sector may cost around Rs.730 crores. She said the entire money would be paid from the state's own funds.

            A total of five types of scholarships are given by the state. For example, pre-metric, post-metric, merit cum means, Swami Vivekananda merit cum means & talent support stipend. Each scholarship project provides financial assistance ranging from Rs.1,100 to Rs.60,000 per annum. Students apply for scholarships for MPhil or multiple higher education from class X onwards. If considered, the money goes directly to their bank account.

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