Tosh, Himachal Pradesh

by - November 04, 2020


Tosh in winter

                Tosh village is in India's state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on a hill near Kasol in the Parvati Valley, surrounded by hills, at an elevation of around 2,410 metres (7,905 ft). Tourism is the primary occupation of the people in the Parvati Valley. It is a venue for do-nothing holidays where visitors come to enjoy the quiet scenery and have a nice holiday. You can take a stroll through the village, passing through the lush forests and apple orchards. 

                     The quiet village of Tosh, famous for its cannabis plantations, is just another proof of the unparalleled scenic scenery that Himachal Pradesh holds within its borders. Tosh is unaffected by modernization and fast-paced life, situated at the far end of the Parvati Valley. The Tosh Kasol trek is the go-to adventure for all thrill-seekers, with its gradual terrain and the waters of the River Parvati flowing through its bosom. This village's hippie culture and unearthly vibe will certainly transport you into another dimension.

            Through the lush green valleys, Tosh has dispersed villages contrasted against snow-dusted peaks. Here, coupled with some indigenous as well as exotic encounters, you will witness nature's abundance in all its glory. Tourists from other countries very frequently swarm this destination, and you can connect with them and taste their cuisine at nearby restaurants as well.

            Due to its location in the famous hippie town, Kasol, Tosh has become very popular in recent years. Among backpackers looking for an escape from the humdrum of their hectic life, it is common. People also throng here in the clean, fresh air and pleasant surroundings to practice yoga and meditation. Mostly, foreign tourists from Isreal and Europe visit it. The distinct scent of marijuana is one of the first things to reach you as you join Tosh. Tosh is most popular here for the trek route, the most popular being Kheerganga. One feels more in love with this city of hash and trance with each step you take in this tiny village called Tosh!

How to Reach :

                    Taking the bus from Delhi and getting off at Bhuntar is the fastest way to target Tosh. Since no buses directly from Delhi to Bhuntar, one can take a bus to Manali (Simla), as Bhuntar is 52 km before Manali. Then  HRTC buses that run to Barshaini from Bhuntar. Then trek your way to Tosh once you reach Barshaini. Anyone can also take a shared car for the approx 5-6 km long route.

Time to Visit :

                The great season to visit Tosh is from April to October, although the weather during the whole year is good. If anyone wants to feel the freezing cold, the period from November to February sees the entire village covered in snow and can be a nice time to explore.

Where to Stay :

            Since tourism in Tosh is rising at a rapid rate, many guesthouses and hotels are emerging. In the village, there is budget accommodation accessible. Some of the few available stay options include Pink Floyd, Ashwin Cafe, and Hilltop Hotel. In Tosh, there are few homestays as well.

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