Asanbani - Dalma Hills, Jharkhand

by - December 11, 2020


        Asanbani (or Asanboni) is a perfect weekend destination in the state of Jharkhand. The place is peaceful and serene, located at the foothills of the hill of Dalma. Visitors can touch the top of the hill by car. The landscape of the surrounding areas looks wonderful from the hilltop. Asanbani is the ideal place to spend two or three days away from the busy and hectic life.

            Dalma Hill, which is just 10 km away, is worth a visit. Ranchi is about 125 km from Asanboni. Places to be seen in Asanbani : Asanboni is famous for a range of sightseeing attractions such as the Chandil Dam, the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, the Jayda Temple and the Sai Baba Temple.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

            The main feature of Asanbani is the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. Founded in 1975 and inaugurated by Sanjay Gandhi, the Dalma Forest is a preserve for native Indian plants and animals. Especially known for its large population of elephants and deer, the sanctuary is quite an attraction for tourists visiting Asanbani. Standing in the catchment area of the river Subarnarekha, the forest is also home to leopards, sloth bears and porcupines. Throughout the jungle, small shelters have been built near the reservoirs, enabling visitors to get a close glimpse of the wild animals as they arrive at the drinking water bodies. The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is open from 7a.m. to 5p.m. You need to obtain an entry permit from the gateway to the sanctuary at the Makulakocha Check Post by paying the necessary entry fee. The entrance to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is about 17 km from Asanbani.

Dimna Lake

            Dimna Lake is the perfect place to spend a little time away from the humdrum of a busy life. Located 10 km from Asanboni, this spectacular lake with unpolluted clear water against the backdrop of the Dalma Hills looks absolutely breathtaking. Built by Tata Steel, the dam is constructed on the Kharkai River and mainly serves as a water reservoir for the nearby steel plant and the residents of Jamshedpur City. Located on the foothills of the Dalma Mountains, the lake is well-known as a picnic spot with its clear water and scenic scenery, creating scope for mini hikes to the hills, and water sports such as boating, rowing, and jet skiing among many others. A spectacular view of the sun rising from behind the hills, with lush greenery and the cheerful squirting of birds is what sets the lake.

Chandil Dam 

        The Chandil Dam, located on the Subarnarekha River, approx. 30 km away from Asanbani. his dam contains a vast reservoir of water surrounded by green hills and colorful vessels. Visitors will spend a pleasant time enjoying boating in the turquoise waters of the reservoir. The museum in the vicinity of Chandil Dam is also worth a visit. It contains several rich sets of 200-year-old scripts engraved on rocks. River  Subarnarekha is flowing through this area.

The Right Time to visit

            Asanbani can be enjoyed throughout the year. uring the monsoon season, the neighboring Dalma hills are surrounded by lush greenery and flowing clouds. In winter much simpler, lighter and much more wonderful. Best time from November to February.

How to Reach

        The nearest Railway Station is Tatanagar. Asanbani is 19 km away from Tatanagar. Visitors will reach there by rent car or private taxi and also well connected with the main city.

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