Mustang Valley - Nepal

by - December 03, 2020

            A thrilling trek wrapped in the mystery of Nepal and Tibet border. This journey is not always possible for everyone. Because of the restrictions imposed on this valley, it costs a lot of money to get a government permit, and the cost of the entire trek is very high.

            Mustang is popular for its trekking tours and mountain stargazing. Elevated at an altitude of approx. 4000 m, this town is split into 2 parts: Lower and Upper Mustang. While relatively unexplored, this city is a great location for those who want to immerse themselves in Tibetan culture as well as in the Nepalese lifestyle, as it is located near the Tibetan Plateau.

                Lower Mustang is renowned for its natural landscapes, while Upper Mustang is popular for its trekking and hiking trails, monasteries, caves & local tribes. This destination is dense in vegetation with a variety of rhododendron plantations, apple fields & a deep Buddhist tradition. Visitors should take a look at a variety of Tibetan shrines, monasteries, caves & villages to learn more about "Mini Tibet in Nepal." All in all, this North-West portion of Nepal has a robust and mystical reputation and is a great spot for backpackers, hikers or if want a short vacation and want to spend time in the Himalayan region.


                The various trek routes start from Jomsom and end here. A beautiful place between the Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri mountain peaks on the banks of the Kali-Gandaki River in Nepal. There is a 30-minute walk from the beautiful Sahara Pokhara in Nepal and a now well connected by road. Muktinath is the only Vishnu temple in Nepal near Jomsom.

Muktinath Temple

            Nestled at the highest altitude of the earth is the holiest temple of Muktinath, standing magnificently as a symbol of religious importance for both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is located in the Muktinath Valley of Mustang, Nepal. This sanctuary is close to the rural Ranipauwa, which is often mistaken to be Muktinath.

                Of the 108 sacred Shri Vaishnava Temples, the Muktinath Temple is ranked 106th among the Divya Desam or 'premium temples.' This divine sanctuary is one of the most famous religious sites both for Hindu and Buddhist devotees and is often seen as an epitome of both emotional and spiritual purification. In addition to religious fulfillment, the Muktinath Temple attracts people from all over the world for its sheer beauty and tranquility. Although this place welcomes tourists as well as locals throughout the year, there is a huge crowd of devotees at festivals such as Vijayadashami, Ram Navami & Rishi Tarpani.

Place to Visit

            Jomsom to Kagbeni, then to Chuksang, Chuksang to Lo-Manthang to Kora-La (Check-post between Nepal and Tibet), Can visit some high from here Jhang Cave (like weir mound), and back to Lo-Manthang.


                Again Lo-Manthang to Iyara (Ht. 3,838m and approx 4.30min trek way), Land of beautiful legends then Luri-Cave and start for Charang next day to visit Charang Monastery.

How to Reach

            Reach Kathmandu first then Pokhara. Visitors can take a taxi, a bus or a bike to Jomsom from Pokhara. It takes about 6-7 hours on Prithvi Highway to reach Jomsom (at an altitude of 2743 m), which is the starting point of the Lo Kingdom in Upper Mustang.

Kathmandu 🔜 Pokhara 🔜 Jomsom 🔜 Chuksang 🔜 Lo-Manthang (Ht. 3730m) 🔜 Kora-La (Ht. 4660m) 

Best Time to Visit

            The great season to visit Mustang is during the summer months of Jun to Sep. During this time, visitors will be able to experience the wonderful landscape in relatively warmer weather. This will also allow visitors to take trips and hikes in this area, which would be difficult during the winter weather.

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