India Invited in G-7 Summit

by - January 18, 2021


           The British government has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the G-7 summit to be held in Britain next June. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to visit India before the meeting.

        The British High Commission in India has said that the forthcoming G-7 meeting will be aimed at uniting all the advanced democracies to build a brighter future in the aftermath of the Corona epidemic.

        The G-7 summit is set to take place on June 11-13 in Cornwall, Britain. Significantly, China was not included in this summit. The summit will be attended by Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. Representatives of the European Union are also expected to attend the meeting. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to attend the meeting. Apart from India, Australia and South Korea have also been invited to the summit.

        The British Prime Minister may visit India before the meeting in June. A statement from the British government said : Johnson was invited as the chief guest on January 26, Republic Day. However, he canceled the trip to India due to corona infection.

            The G-7 meeting will discuss the Corona epidemic, climate change and liberal trade policy. Corona will next urge Boris Johnson to work together on a free trade proposal for economic development. India has been dubbed the "Pharmacy of the World" by the British government. The British Prime Minister also lauded India's role in making the corona vaccine. "India is already supplying 50 per cent of the world's demand for vaccines," he said. The British Prime Minister also praised India for developing the corona antidote.

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