Malshej Ghat - Pune, Maharashtra

by - January 23, 2021

                Situated in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass and a popular hill spot. Malshej Ghat is popular among hikers, trekkers and nature lovers, with its various lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and verdant flora and fauna. A famous weekend getaway from Mumbai, Pune and Thane, Malshej Ghat is an ideal escape from the glamour of city life. The pink flamingos that migrate here between July and September are especially popular. This location is exceptionally stunning, with lush green hills and exotic pink flamingos during the monsoons.

                With wonderfully structured dams and steep, high forts with breathtaking waterfalls, Malshej Ghat is a great location for the delight of nature lovers. Harishchandragarh Fort is very popular among trekkers in this region. The Malshej Ghat temples date back to the AD 16th century and are outstanding examples of architectural wonder. Any of the other attractions here that will be captivating for any visitor are Malshej waterfall, the stunning Pimpalgaon dam and Ajoba hill-fort.

Malshej Waterfalls

                    The soothing and interesting Malshej waterfalls are created by rain, mist, fog and the cascading water falls amid the woody jungles. The extraordinary elegance of the Malshej Ghat is decorated by numerous descending waterfalls. There are several cascades that are so big that they collapse on the lane.

Ajoba Hill Fort                

                Maharashtra's Ajoba Hill Fort is a famous destination where trekking and rock climbing can be enjoyed among lush greenery and landscapes. Nearby, Darkoba Point is also a favorite for lovers of nature, rock climbing and trekking.

Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

                The Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is a spacious 4.5 km long project in the plain waters of the captivating Pushpavati River. It is scattered over huge backwaters, which are one of the city's most stunning sights. Equally alluring for birdwatchers, several bird species such as moorhen, pitta, alpine swift, whistling thrush, green pigeon, quail and pied crested cuckoo can also be seen here as a large flock. There might also be a breeding colony of migratory flamingo birds in the backwater of this lovely dam.

Harishchandragarh Hill Fort

                In the district of Ahmednagar, Harishchandragarh is a hill fort in Maharashtra, located at an elevation of around 4700 ft. It is famous for trekking and is one of the prominent tourist spots in Bhandardara. The Fort Complex of Harishchandragarh also houses caves, temples and a lake, making it an ideal tourist spot.

                The fort is Maharashtra's second-highest peak. There's many temples within the fort that are devoted to Sri Vishnu and Sri Ganesh. The monument dates back to the 6th century and, considering its altitude, finds a home at an altitude of 1450 mts and is more often than not marked on a number of trekking trails in and around the city. 

Best Time to Visit

                    The best time to visit Malshej ghat to enjoy the dams, the fort, waterfalls and sightseeing is from October to March. Monsoons here, though, are beautiful, and natural waterfalls and overflowing lakes can be enjoyed. On rainy days, trekking is not advised for slippery.

How to Reach

                    The main cities near Malshej Ghat are Mumbai, Thane and Pune. The closest railway station, situated around 90 km from Malshej Ghat, is Kalyan. visitors can   take a taxi or bus from Kalyan to enter Malshej Ghat. You can also take a bus or taxi straight from Mumbai, Thane, Pune or other nearby cities, as even the drive is scenic and beautifully preserved.

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