Dawaipani - Darjeeling

by - February 14, 2021


                The wound of a British gentleman's foot was healed in the spring water (water-falls) of the village. From then on the village of Dawaipani was known. There is gossip behind naming this village. During the British rule, an English gentleman came to this village to work in a tea garden. He had a wound on his leg, which was not healing after many treatments, and for this, he walked barefoot. Due to his work, he used to travel along the fountain road (water-falls road) of this village and occasionally wash his hands and feet from there. Gentleman noticed that the wound on his leg was slowly healing and finally healed completely. Then he realized that there was some special quality in the water of this fountain which is why he sent to examine the water. Later he came to know that there are a lot of minerals in this water. "Dawai" means medicine, and "Pani" means water. The milk produced from this village at an altitude of about 6000 feet above sea level is exported to different areas of the district. The village has also become economically self-sufficient by producing honey, vegetables, and poultry. The tourism business is also booming here due to its natural beauty.

            This is an off-beat tourist destination just 17 km from the town of Darjeeling. Dawaipani is like a treasure chest; visitors find it full of gems once you open it. A peaceful little village that will make people fall in love with the full Kanchenjunga range with its exclusive 180-degree scenic view. Not just that, people are in a treat as you are surrounded by the dense forest of the Himalayas and guarded at a distance by the snow-capped mountain tops. Located at around 6000 feet above sea level, lungs would like to thank for the fresh, crisp, clear air. Certainly, this spot would make you feel a lot more refreshed.

Outdoor Activity

            A popular location for light and heavy trekking. Dense Himalayan forest areas surround this spot. So, go on a hiking trip and explore nature's secrets.  The dense forest is the natural habitat of a wide number of birds for bird lovers.  Visitors can enjoy a visit to the nearby vegetable and fruit farm.  Also can enjoy watching the local traditional dance, immerse yourself in the rich cultural practice.

             This village is a short drive from the town of Darjeeling, so it is convenient to access a variety of locations from here. Darjeeling, the glorious viewpoint of Tiger Hill, toy train ride, shopping mall area, Lepchajagat, Lamhatta, Sitong, Kalimpong etc. etc.

Best time to Visit :

            All year round, this location has a cool atmosphere, as it is located at a high altitude of 6000 feet. In the monsoon months of Jul and Aug, however, it receives strong rainfall. So you can visit it every month as per your preference, except for these months.  

How to Reach :

            By train, Siliguri is 73 km from the main stations and NJP is 75 km from the Village. People have to book a cab from the stations, which takes about 3 hours to enter Dawaipani. By flight, Bagdogra airport is about 76 km from the village and takes roughly 3 hours to reach it.

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