Dhakuri Pass - Uttarakhand

by - February 15, 2021


        There are still many places in the heart of the Himalayas where there are fewer crowds of people, where nature is immersed in beauty every day. One such destination is Dhakuri Pass. This pass is in the Bagheshwar district of Kumaun Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

            One of the off-beat destinations for snow and mountain lovers is Dhakuri, the location is covered in the peak with snow. A quick trek to Dhakuri-Khal from the campsite offers even better mountain views, especially at sunrise. If visitors walk higher up the pass for around 1 hour, towards the forested South West hill, you can enter Chilta Top. One of the nicest spots to enjoy snowfall is Dhakuri.

            It is also a spot where you get to go without facing the cold temperature to feel snow. In the Bageshwar district of Kumaon Himalaya, Uttarakhand, Dhakuri is situated. Surrounded by a woodland of horse chestnut & evergreen oak. Dhakuri is an exceptionally open forest at a high altitude.

            Route : If you want to go Dhakuri, you have to reach Bagheshwar from Kathgodam or Haldwani station. The confluence of the rivers Gomti and Saryu is famous for Bagheshwar 'Baghnath Shiva'. Apart from Shiva temple, there are Chandika temple, Sriharu temple, Gauri Udiya Cave temple. From here you have to take a bus or jeep to reach Sang-e-Kapkot. There will be a visit to the slender Rebati Ganga. Then walk to Loharkhet village or jeep. In the hills, there are beautiful houses of various colors, lots of flower gardens and farmland adjacent to the houses. The people of the village are constantly trying to grow crops in the iron-rocky fields. The trekking path starts from Upper Loharkhet. After crossing the Bugial, you will reach the Dhakuri Khal, also known as Dhakuri Top, for a difficult 11 km trek. From here, Dhakuri Ganj descends one kilometer on the way to the place where the rough stones are laid. Wrapped in green grass, this ganj is like a field. Rhododendron, far, juniper, and pine trees at one end. At the other end are PWD bungalows and KMVN cottages. This is followed by a paved seating area, followed by a deep ravine and a sloping descent of lush green mountains. Famous peaks like Balijuri, Nanda Khat, Changuj, Pavalidhar, Nandakot, Maiktali etc. stand silently shoulder to shoulder.

            A rocky path leads from Dhakuri to Sundardunga. Another route takes Khati village across the Pindari Glacier. On the way to Pindari, one can also visit Kafni Glacier from Doali. However, those who are not accustomed to difficult trekking can easily stay in Dhakuri for a few days. If PWD or KMVN cottage booking is not available, accommodation will be arranged. The caretaker of KMVN arranged tents on the green grass.

            At the end of the afternoon, the pass was closed. Guides, porters begin to gather at one end of the field. Leaning on the grass, they started gossiping. In their words, various stories of difficult, unpretentious mountain life come up. From them, it is known where the snow is falling nearby, where it is possible to enter the snow kingdom and so on.

            The game of cloud and fog started in Dhakuri in the afternoon. Then everyone crowded a tea shop on one side of the field. That is the only shop. Snacks will also be available there. 

            In the evening, the sheet of cloud and fog began to cut. The reddish colour of the sun clings to the accumulated clouds surrounded by white glaciers. One by one, those clouds also moved away from the mountaintop at one point. Then Giriraja (peak) woke up like a meditating sage. If luck is favour, it can be a rare experience to see the moonlight submerged in the moonlight from Dhakuri Pass in the cloudless sky.

Pindari Glacier

            In the morning, after climbing seven kilometers, you can see the temple of Nanda Devi. If desired, you can go from Dhakuri to Khati village. This path passes through many settlements, leaving the icebergs as polar stars. You can meet the flowing river Pindari. You have to hold the path of the deep forest at one time holding the hand of Pindari. Scattering of shawl, pine, khayer, tick, turmeric, shimam trees. Khati is the last village on the way to Pindari Glacier. The village has PWD bungalows and adequate homestay arrangements. The people of Khati village are vegetarians.

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