Religion of the Kali Era

by - February 12, 2021


                As an ordinary person, it is very childish to explain the duration of the age. The small brain does not account for such a large multiplication and addition. Just like different sages, different opinions. Let it be scientific or explain by the religious scriptures. Let me explain a little, we know that the Kali Yuga is the last of the four Yugas according to Hindu scriptures. The rest of the ages are Satya, Treta, and Dwapar ages. The age of the Kali period is approximately 4,32,000 years, even now it is barely the evening of Kali. Then no one knows when the Kali era will end. Dwapar Yuga, twice the Kali Yuga; Treta is three times the age of Kali and Satya is four times the age of Kali. So how many years is one Four-yuga (Great Age/Mahayuga)?

Satya Era - 17,28,000 years

Treta Era - 12,96,000 years

       Dwapar Era - 8,64,000 years

Kali Era - 4,32,000 years

               Listening from the saint, at present, the 27th Kali Yuga is going on. This means that 27 Satya Yugas, 27 Treta Yugas, 27 Dwapar Yugas have already passed and the 28th Satya Yuga will begin at the end of this Kali Era. Scientists say the earth was created billions of years ago. Again we find in many texts that Krishna came in the Dwapar era nearly 5000 years ago. This calculation is a little-bit straightforward. Now, the twenty-first century running, if add BC before that, an estimated year comes out. But nothing is available for sure. But it is also true that everything is not understandable for man and science. Knowledge, Science, Abhigyan, and Theology (Brahmagyan). Science means special knowledge, it is not possible to know or understand Abhigyan or Theology from sitting in the house of science. Common knowledge is that the advent of God is the beginning of a new age or era. This time is never fixed. In order to strike at religion and save the saints, He appeared on the Earth from age to age and a new age originated.

The Behavior of the Kali Era 

            Although many blogs have been written about the Kali era, I am reminiscing a little about not going into too much detail. The Vishnu Purana, written by Bedavasya, states that the Kali Yuga began on earth from the time of Krishna's ascension to heaven. In this age, virtue is one part, sin is three parts. The incarnation of God in the form of Kalki. The average human lifespan is about one hundred years. Three and a half hands in your own body size. The soul is towards the food, the mind is towards the vagina. Holy by Ganga bath. Religion shrinks. People will stay away from the truth, without austerities. It will be full of crooked politics, greedy rulers, unscriptural Brahmins. Men are loyal to their wives, sinful. Increase the suffering of honest people. The influence of evil increases.

               According to the Vishnu Purana, Brahmadeva performed all the creations in the Satya Yuga and concluded all the creations in Kali and led them to destruction. According to Vishnu Purana, people will be more arrogant in this age by having less wealth. Don't spend money on religious purposes and people will not be addicted to scriptures. Parents will be treated with disrespect. The son will not hesitate to kill the father or the father to kill the son. People will not perform Vedic rituals. No one will be married according to religion. Wives will leave their husbands who are financially weak, and rich men will be the husbands of those wives. In Kali Yuga, the money will be spent only on building houses and not on religion. People will be constantly immersed in the thought of offering money without thinking of the hereafter. In Kali Yuga, women will generally be more fond of arbitrary and luxuries, and men will earn money unjustly. The power of women will increase and even if it is ridiculous to hear, men will climb trees in pursuit of women. The number of beautiful women will increase a lot, which will be one of the reasons for the destruction. The incapable people will become destitute and will always suffer from famine and misery. In the Kali era, people will eat without bathing & women will be very greedy, very edible. Women will be busy nurturing the body, will always speak harshly and falsely.

           Unconventional Brahmin sons will study the Vedas in the guise of Brahmachari. Householders should not do Yagna and should not give donations. People will do unscriptural austerities. In Kali Era, 8 to 10-year-old boys will give birth to 5 to 6-year-old girls in intercourse. Human intellect is very small, their senses and desires are very ugly, their minds will be very impure. And in a short time, will be destroyed. When the influence of heretics is greatly increased, the good people of the society will not hold any responsible position. The loss of the gentleman can be noticed. There will be less rain, less harvest in Kali Yuga. A beautiful wife who befriends him will be hostile to her brother. Day by day people will be shorter, that is, smaller in height. There will be no classification in the society. ......... In a word, Kali's trunk, whatever it is.

The Greatness of the Kali era

             The Kalki incarnation will take place at the end of the Kali Yuga. In the village called Shambhal, in the womb of a Brahmin girl named Sumati, in the house of a Brahmin named Vishnu Yasha, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu named Kalki will take place. Kalki will be the 4th child of Vishnu Yasha-Sumati. The names of the first 3 children of Vishnuyasha-Sumati will be Kabi, Pragya, and Sumantaka respectively. Bhagavata says that deceit, falsehood, laziness, sleep, violence, sorrow, grief, fear, poverty, etc. will be the characteristics of Kali Yuga. In this Kali Yuga, chanting Krishnam and chanting Kalinam can save the life. In the Manu Sanhita it is said that in the Satyayuga, austerities, in the Tretayuga, knowledge, in the Dvaparayuga, Yajna, and in Kali, Donation and Chanting of God (Naam Sankirtan) are predominant.
            Although the Kali Yuga is so varied and inferior, it is no longer as great as the Kali Yuga. In Satya Yuga Tapasya, in Tretayuga Gyan, in Dvaparayuga Yajna, and in Kali only by chanting the name (Tarak Brahmanam - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Hare Hare) the living being will be saved. In the meantime, Lord Buddha and Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanyadev have completed their Leela and shown the path of invaluable principles, advice, and devotion in the course of life. Mahaprabhu knew that the unfortunate creature of Kali could not even take chanting of God's name in devotion. Although He Himself was a God of Love, He practiced strict monasticism. "If anyone Greet Me as a monk, all the sorrows of the living entity will disappear." That is why he is the savior of the lower beings (Patitpavan Hari). Let's chanting Him once in devotion ........

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ram Hare Ram
Ram Ram Hare Hare

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