Kailash Parvat - Gyanganj (Shambala)

by - March 16, 2021


                    Going to express such two places that will be described here is really just childish behavior for an ignorant person like me. Because these places are inaccessible, incomprehensible, unimaginable and mysterious to the common man. Some may be understandable and available to people in the real spiritual world. The seat of Yogis, Monks, Great Saints, perfect Yogini Matajis who can wander in subtle bodies, must be mysterious and unimaginable to the common human beings. However, as much as I was able to gather and according to my power, I made only one attempt to explain.

Kailash :

                Before talking about Gyanganj, it is very important to tell some known and unknown information about Kailash Mountain. Even when the Himalayas were just beginning to protrude out of the Tethys Sea, the Kailash Range was already a massive structure, with its supreme peak, the 6,675 metre high Mount Kailash, made of sparkling granite with its white glacial crest. From the beginning, Hindus and Tibetans seem to have known the mountain's uniqueness. It is the earthy incarnation of Meru, the dominant mountain of heaven, and the home of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati, according to Hindus.

            The mysterious and extremely inaccessible Mount Kailash is believed by Hindus to be the abode of Lord Mahadev. This mountain is also a very sacred place for Buddhists. After reaching a certain limit on this mountain is no longer allowed to go up. Mount Kailash, in Hinduism which is the abode of God Himself and the way to heaven through this place. Of all the Himalayas range, Kailash is the most attractive to Hindus. People have been coming to the foothills of Mount Kailash for ages for its spiritual attraction of this mysterious mountain. Much is still unknown about this mysterious, inaccessible mountain. Much of Mount Kailash, 22,000 feet above the Tibetan plateau, is still shrouded in mystery. Much of this sacred mountain is still inaccessible to Hindus and Buddhists and for everyone also.

            The word Kailash originates from the Sanskrit word Kelas (crystal). Because Kailash, wrapped in white ice, looks like a crystal. In Tibetan, its name is Gango Rinpoche. In Tibet, the Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava is called Rinpoche. Mount Kailash is named after him, which means precious gem made of ice. There is an ancient legend in Tibet ‚Guru Millerpai was only able to climb on the top of Kailash. When He returned, the Guru cautioned everyone not to climb this mountain. Because only One or he will be able to go to the top of it‚ who has no skin on his body.

                        According to Hindus, Mount Kailash is a part of Mount Pole. Mount Kailash is said to be the center of mass of the earth. Mount Kailash is also known as Cosmic Axis or World Pillar. A few climbers have tried before to climb to the top of Mount Kailash, but no one has been able to finish it. There are many ancient caves and caverns (gumpha) in this pyramid-shaped mountain. Buddhist and Hindu monks can be seen there. These monks have been doing austerities behind the people for many years. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit Manas Sarobar. However, due to the extremely inaccessible natural environment, only a few can complete the journey.

                The summit of Gangdis is a part of the Himalayas in Tibet. It is the source of the great Indus, Shatadru and Brahmaputra rivers of Asia. It is considered a pilgrimage site for Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and the Bon religion. Manas Sarovar and Rakshasatal are located at the foot of Mount Kailash.

                 Apart from Manas Sarobar, there is another beautiful Lake Rakshasatal at the foot of Mount Kailash. At 14,950 feet, Lake Manas Sarobar is the world's highest freshwater. Another surprise is that no matter how strong the wind is, the water of Manas Sarovar is always calm, but the water of Rakshasatal is always turbulent. The creation of Rakshasatala is believed to be due to the hard austerities performed by Rakshasaraja Ravana to please Lord Shiva. This is why the water of this lake is turbulent. Moreover, the water of this lake is salty and aquatic plants and aquatic animals are not seen here.

                It is believed that heaven came to Mount Kailash and merged with the earth. There is some unseen force in the climate of Mount Kailash that makes the appearance of old age appear on the human body. The rate at which human nails and hair growth, in general, is doubled after spending at least 12 hours on Mount Kailash. It is said that once some Siberian mountaineers entered the forbidden area of ​​Mount Kailash, immediately their age increased by decades and they died due to old age a few years later.

Gyanganj/Shambala :

                Since Gyanganj (Shambala in Tibet language) is impossible for the common human beings to visit the place, it is only discussed by collecting from the speech of the Great Saints, Naga Matajis, or Siddha Yogis or the feelings of those who have been researching the place for a long time. Less than 20-25% of the world's people have heard the name of Gyanganj, the remaining 75-80% of people have still never heard the name. The Himalayas is one of the most beautiful and holy places in the world, covering an area of ​​about 2500 km. Himalaya is an ideal seat of Monks, Saints, and who can say that how many unknown secrets are still hidden in its inner? The Himalayas, wrapped in natural beauty and mystery, have been the center of attraction of the world since time immemorial. Similarly, Gyanganj is also a mysterious place in the Himalayas, which cannot be seen, cannot be visited, even after its existence has not been detected from any satellite.

                Tibet is one of the world's most beautiful and unpolluted places. This remote area draws not only thrill-seekers but also those looking for a deeper meaning in their lives. Tibet is still largely unknown and undiscovered, having been shrouded in mystery and remote until the last century. The numerous myths and legends connected with this Himalayan region add to its excitement. 
                Gyanganj, the land of immortals, is situated somewhere within the mystical valleys of the Himalayas (covered 21 km). Gyanganj is said to be a city-kingdom inhabited by mysterious immortal beings who, when needed, influence the existence of human beings in subtle bodies. Bypassing through psychic barriers and dimensions (4th dimension), only great saints with no bad Karma can find a place in this spiritual land. The exact location of this legendary kingdom is unknown because Gyanganj is thought to have cleverly hidden itself from humans and mapping technologies in 4th dimension. Some people also assume that Gyanganj resides on a separate plane of existence and hence is invisible to satellites. Came to hear, this place itself changed or shifted its position or colour to anywhere when necessary. Gyanganj has many branches all over the world, they are located somewhere in the deep forest, somewhere in the river, or in a secluded place in a mountain.

                Not that all Gyanganj is always hidden from the public eye. Many temples and monasteries are still functioning in Gyanganj. Many devotees, sages, monks, yogis, who came from Gyanganj and did many deeds for human welfare and gave beneficial advice. Baba Loknath Brahmachari, Ramdas Kathia Baba, Trilanga Swami, many Naga Monks and Nuns, Lamas, Sri Sri Ramthakur, Gandha baba, Shyamacharan Lahiri, and many more. Since the time cycle does not work in that place (Gyanganj), no one's age increases. Some are 200 years, some are 500 years, some are 2000 years and some are 5000 years or more, meditating in the same way. It is said that the chief Mahatpa Mahamuni of Gyanganj has been present in the same way since the Satya Yuga (i.e., for millions of years).
                Now the question is what is the real work of Gyanganj ? By earthly science, we mean physics, chemistry, and life sciences. But this science is of no use in that world. The science that is practiced in that unearthly world is solar science (energy), lunar science (peace), wind science (energy), solar science, etc. with Soil, Water, Wind, Sky, and Power of Light; power, and the perversion of the five theories. For example, cooking in Gyanganj does not require gas, wood, or a furnace or oven. Invisible energy is used which is like magic to ordinary people. All these things are used for the welfare of the world and human beings. In a word, Gyanganj is the controlling center of this world.
                Tibetan Buddhists believe that when the time comes for the destruction of the world, the 25th ruler of Gyanganj will save this beautiful world. Novelist James Hilton wrote his famous book on Shambhala - "Lost Horizon: The Legend of Shangri-La". Besides this, the Hungarian researcher Sisoma de Choras started his research on Jnanganj in 1833 and could not make any decision from Tibet for a long time. He said this magical city did not want to capture by himself. Even then, many writers, painters, religious persons, philosophers, archaeologists from all over the world have gone back in search of it, but without some special feelings, almost all of them have failed.

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