|| Nidhivan Mystery : Vrindavan ||

by - March 28, 2021


   "If you don't have the right, don't understand Gopi's accomplishment,
If you go that way without realizing it, you will not get an edge.
In the way of like Hero and Heroine, the story of Radha-Krishna, who will hear,
His world will go to the hereafter,  he must go to hell.
After calling & calling God, there will be an awakening of love in mind,
Lord of Love will show you as a Couple (Radha-Krishna).
The door will open with a Gopi's feeling, you will get the right to serve,
Your body, your heart, will always be like Vrindavan."

                There are many mysterious places in the world. India is a place of pilgrimage where people of different languages, races, and religions live together. There are many places of pilgrimage here; Which is still shrouded in mystery. Even in the age of advanced science, it has not been possible to unravel the mystery behind all these mysterious places. Even today, rational human beings have not been able to judge it by reasoning. One such mysterious place is the treasure trove of Vrindavan, the green land of Lord Krishna.

                Where devotion is deeper than scientific explanation, devotees rise above all reasoning and give priority to their faith and devotion. One such example is found in Vrindavan, Mathura. Though the city is small, the fame of this Vrindavan but all over the world, the story of Lord Krishna fascinates his devotees. In Vrindavan, there is a famous temple of his called 'Rangmahal', which is covered by Nidhivan. In the Nidhiban temple of Vrindavan in the Mathura district, Lord Krishna is worshiped in the form of 'Banke Bihari'. In the temple of Nidhi Kunj, devotees call Lord Krishna as 'Thakurji'. Nidhivan is a very sacred and mysterious religious place in Vrindavan.

                The word ‘Nidhi’ means wealth and the word ‘Ban’ means forest. Basil trees are present in all areas of Nidhiban. One of the strange features of these basil plants is seen. The stems of the trees are hollow, the stalks are bent downwards. Even when the roots are dry, all the trees are covered with green leaves. There is no denying that the basil trees present in Nidhiban are extremely amazing. Like any other tree, these trees do not grow towards the sky above, but more towards the ground below. All its stalks spread around the land, which is the exact opposite of the normal nature of the trees. Even such these trees are not found anywhere in Vrindavan Mathura, except the attached area of Nidhiban (adjacent). It is present only in Nidhiban. 

            The main gate of Nidhiban is closed every evening after Aarti. Even the animals and birds of Nidhiban also leave before the darkness. Such a custom is prevalent. No one is ever allowed to stay overnight in Nidhivan, but there are people who are said to have been hiding in Nidhivan at night to find out if Lord Krishna did land or not! The next morning they were either found dead or stunned, who died within a day or two.

              There are tombs of music emperor Swami Haridas Ji in Nidhiban, Rangmahal, Banke Bihari Mandir, Banshi Chor Radharani Mandir, Bishakha Kund, etc are also established in Nidhiban. It is said that when one of the eight Sakhis (female friend, Vishakha) was thirsty during Raslila, Lord Srikrishna made a tank of water with his flute. Sakhi Vishakha quenches her thirst by drinking water from it. That is why the tank is known as Vishakha Kund.

                There is a story about Rangmahal, it is said that Srikrishna himself along with Radharani used to visit this Rangmahal i.e. Radha-Krishna temple every night. Not only that, he first landed at Nidhiban where he engaged in Raslila with Radharani and 16,108 Gopis (intimate female friend). It is heard that the trees of Nidhiban take the form of Gopis at night and in the presence of Radhakrishna, this forest becomes a different environment. Surprisingly, the number of trees in Nidhiban is also 16,108 which is equal to the number of Krishna's Gopis in Puranas. According to the devotees and worshipers, when they get tired due to this Leela, Radha-Krishna himself comes to Rangmahal for rest, where sweets, betel leaves, teeth, etc. are present for them. There are a total of eight locks on the two doors of Nidhiban, where no one can enter at night. And it is impossible to enter the Rangmahal through the strict system of the temple or through any other entrance. But when worshipers open the door of the temple every morning, anyone can see another environment. Sandalwood beds for Lord Krishna, water jugs, horns for Radharani, Prasadam, Laddu, betel leaves, etc. were kept when the doors of the temple were closed after Arati in the evening the day before, among all the dedication content, half of that prasad, chewing betel and using teeth, the furniture is all scattered. The worshipers believe that it is nothing more than the Lord's activities or His Leela.

                 Not to mention one thing in this context. In the spiritual world, whoever has such thoughts, has such benefits. It is very childish for me to understand the secrets of Nidhivan with logic, intellect, or by science in general. The best attainment of human life is Gopibhav (mind & body like Gopi). The only way to serve God is with the permission of Radharani Herself. Millions of devotees around the world have been practicing for ages, life after life to get a little closer to that God. Again, out of those billions of devotees, rarely one or two absolute devotees get that Absolute God. And to be honest, it's not just for that absolute devotee only in Nidhiban, but also He sees that rare Leela wherever He sits. Without divine knowledge, divine eyes, divine body, it is impossible to see or to realize Rasleela hidden in the Nidhiban of ordinary skin eye. If the matter had been so straightforward, everyone could have seen the Leela by building a stadium across Nidhiban or by the windows of nearby two- or three-storey houses or ashrams. We don't remember the common belief, can God ever harm His devotees or anyone? Even if his devotees hide in the Nidhiban in the hope of seeing Him, will He Himself execute that devotee? Is that even possible? However, there is no doubt that there are mysteries and reasons behind this playing of Lord Krishna, which is not a matter of words at all. If the words hurt someone's heart, forgive the worst like me. 

Banke-Behari Ji

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