Mousuni Island, Baliara

by - April 06, 2021


                    Mousuni Island is located at the estuary of the Muriganga on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, West Bengal, India. Over the past few years, it has become quite popular with tourists. This long island (about 16 km) is separated from the mainland by the Chinai River. Fishing and agriculture are the main livelihoods of the islanders. Almost all the houses on this island are made of mud and Jambudwip and Sagardwip can be seen a little far from this island. Mousuni Island falls under the Baliara Gram Panchayat. However, the development of the tourism industry on the island has benefited the local villagers a lot.

                    There are no waves like Digha or Puri, no shops, temples, fairs, crowds or the roar of the sea. But there is the calm environment of the sea, the green nature of the Zhou and Mangroves, wandering in the secluded sand, of course with the group of red crabs. There is no annoying environment, as long as you are happy to enjoy the calm sea waves or take a bath. But the magical colors of the western sky at sunset, and its reflection on the seawater, will remain forever as an unforgettable moment of life.

            There are no hotel accommodations on the island. Many tents and mud houses have been set up in the Zhou forest with ecotourism in mind. Even if there is electricity, a torch and mosquito incense must be kept with you. The food is quite good quality. Various items are available. Welcome drinks, rice, pulses, fried, tea, Pokora, chicken, fish, night bonfire are all available.

                Needless to say, a night walk on the beach by torchlight at night is a great experience. Sleeping on the sound of waves after dinner and waking up to the song of birds in the morning - it's a different kind of enjoyable experience.

            You can see the sunrise in the morning and leave for the nearby Jambudwip. It takes about an hour and a half, the rent is 300-500 rupees per person. There are many species of birds and mangrove forests. If you have good luck, you can meet deer. However, landing on Jambudwip is not allowed and there is no settlement there.

How to Reach

                    By train from Sealdah to Namkhana, then by Toto to Patibania Ghat. The bus actually travels from Kolkata to Bakkhaligami by crossing the Hatania-Doania bridge at the ten-mile stoppage. From there take Toto to Patibania Ghat. From here you have to cross by the ferry to Mousuni Island.

Accommodation Cost

Adventure Tent                            : Daily per head cost 1000-1200 rupees.

Vila cottages and Family Tents    : Daily per head cost 1400-1500 rupees.

A.C. Cottage                                : Daily per head cost 1600-1700 rupees.

Non-A.C. Cottage                        : Daily per head cost 1400 rupees.

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