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Monday, 19 October 2020

October 19, 2020

Underground Energy

            Without relying too much on any one energy resource, the use of all will help in sustainable development. In that context, the importance of underground energy (heat) is increasing day by day.

                The use of unconventional energy around the world has been emphasized for a long time in the interest of protecting the environment. However, some members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have claimed that climate change could affect the production of unconventional energy. Take, for example, hydropower. While this energy may have seemed huge at first, it has begun to have a negative impact on the world's energy production, with erratic rainfall, warming whims & increasing erosion around the world. In 2018, Victoria Falls on the African continent dried up due to a long drought. This affected the power generation centered on the waterfall.

              Looking at that, the researchers are claiming that in the coming days, the use of all energy resources will help in sustainable development without relying too much on one resource. In that context, the importance of underground heat energy is increasing. Researchers claim that it will emerge as the third most unconventional force in the world if it goes ahead as planned. Although the discussion of the use of underground energy is not new. Efforts have been made to harness this power since the middle of the twentieth century. However, still a far way to go.

        Underground energy can be used in two ways. First, it produces electricity from underground reservoirs, known as the 'steam method'. The other is to generate electricity directly from lava or magma heat. However, there are some technical problems in using this power. First, building infrastructure to generate electricity in this way is long-term and costly. Second, there is a fear of increasing gases like sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, even though the production of this method reduces the production of carbon dioxide. In addition, lava can reach the surface and cause major disasters if directly connected to the subsoil.

                However, a part of the researchers claims that it is possible to overcome the obstacles if the initial obstacles can be overcome. There is no disagreement about the cost and time required to build the power generation infrastructure in this method. But once the infrastructure is built, it is possible to gradually increase power generation. If production increases, electricity will also become cheaper.

            According to a recent statistic, it has been possible to bring these resources within the reach of the common man by increasing production in countries like the Philippines and Iceland without incurring huge costs after building the infrastructure to generate electricity from underground energy. Currently, about twenty-five percent of the Philippines' electricity demand is generated from underground energy. In the case of Iceland, there is no other source of energy, so electricity from underground energy is meeting all the demand. And in 2010 the world used to generate 10 GW of electricity, but in 2018 it increased to 13.3 GW. Currently, America is at the top in generating electricity from underground energy.

            At the same time, some researchers are reluctant to give too much importance to the fears that are being raised about accidents and pollution. They claim that it is possible to capture gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide before mixing them with air. In addition, since such ‘power plants’ are operated outside the locality, the risk of damage is much lower.

         The important thing is that developing countries are gradually shifting from underground energy to power generation. In addition to the Philippines and Iceland, countries such as Peru have long-term plans to harness this power. In the case of India too, it is possible to generate electricity at a profitable rate by utilizing this energy in areas like the Himalayas. Even in areas like Andaman and Nicobar, the location of volcanoes could be used to generate electricity from underground sources. It requires study and planning at the administrative level. In a country like India, this energy could become a driving force in the future in preventing pollution, researchers hope.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

October 08, 2020

Increase in Child Labour in India


                    Out of 138 crores people in India, about 60 crores people have to do some work to run their families. From the start of the lockdown until last August, more than 12 crores of them lost their jobs. In other words, the income of one out of every five people was uncertain. Seventy-five percent of these 12 crores earn very little money. Some of them do very small business or day labour. Economists believe the collapse is due to the collapse of the construction industry and the MSME sector. A joint report by the ILO and the ADB, released in mid-August, found that 41 lakh young people (aged 15-24) lost their jobs in the construction industry and agriculture alone. A global survey was conducted to find out the impact of the Covid-19 situation on youth job opportunities. It shows that two-thirds of apprenticeships and three-quarters of internships in various industries in India are gone. Informing the government about the report, the concerned experts advised taking necessary steps so that the labor market can return to normal quickly. There is talk of creating education, training & suitable job opportunities for the youth. Otherwise, the future of 66 million young people in the Asia-Pacific region could become uncertain. 

                In 2019, the youth unemployment rate in the region was about 14 percent. In this COVID-19 situation, it has become horrible. Therefore, it is very important for the youth to take the necessary steps on behalf of the government.

               In Indian society, the family is responsible for education up to the school-college level. That is, the parents/guardians perform this duty. But the dropout rate was severe in all the states as very poor families could not afford it. School dropouts became child labourers. To help a poor family financially, young children would take on small jobs. Their work is often risky. Harmful chemicals are used in some factories. In those dangerous cases, they are used cheaply, even without pay. Young children are used to smuggling coal or other minerals into open-pit mining areas. They are also used for smuggling in the border areas. Some girls have to get married against their will. Some girls are trafficked in the dark world. Some children are also feared to join the jihadi group. There is an old tradition of employing them in housework, shops, hotels & restaurants.

                Civil society has repeatedly spoken out about the loss of childhood of many people. The Supreme Court has also reprimanded the government. Finally, the government has been forced to make several laws on the protection of children's rights, the right to education, etc. Accordingly, the Central Government as well as State Govt. has taken some projects. The purpose is to prevent school dropouts and child labor; Giving all children the opportunity to be good citizens. In the last few years, the West Bengal Government, India has taken some effective steps in this regard. Such as Mid Day Meal, distribution of free books and uniforms, Kanyashree, Sabuj Sathy & various types of scholarships etc. Today's question is, does that trend persist in the long-COVID episode? Isn't it true that a large number of young children have to move away from the learning environment? Ordinary people's experience is not good at all. There have also been public interest lawsuits. Naturally, the State Labour Department is in turmoil. The government wants to understand the real situation by launching operations in Kolkata and other districts. However, gathering information is not enough. The government must do everything it can to stop child labor. If necessary, the help of the center should be taken. Because today's children are the citizens of tomorrow. If all of them do not get the opportunity to be educated and trained, then the country will have to pay the ultimate price in the future. If we are careful now, it is possible to prevent such a big defeat.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

October 06, 2020

Discovery of Hepatitis C


Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice, and Michael Houghton

            Discovery of a new virus in the period of COVID pandemic. In recognition of this, the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden's Nobel Assembly, awarded the Nobel Prize to three scientists. Hepatitis A and B viruses were previously identified. The hepatitis-C virus is one of the leading causes of cirrhosis and cancer in the liver. They are Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice, and Michael Houghton, a British scientist. In addition to the recognition, they will receive one crore Swedish kronor or about 11 lakh 18 thousand dollars as a financial reward.

            The Nobel Committee said on Monday that the three scientists had explained blood-borne hepatitis. Hepatitis ‘A’ or ‘B’ could not explain that. The trio's study made it possible to diagnose hepatitis C through blood tests. Medicines made from the research of three scientists have revived millions of patients. Thanks to their contribution, Hepatitis-C patients are recovering today.

               Hepatitis is a virus in the Flaviviridae family. Harvey J. Alter U.S. Virologist. In the mid-1970s, Alter claimed that hepatitis A was not only transmitted by the A and B viruses. He later identified the hepatitis C virus. Charles M. Rice is also an American virologist. He currently teaches and researches at Rockefeller University. In 2002 and 2003, Charles began identifying members of the flavivirus family. He later identified the hepatitis C virus. Michael Houghton, on the other hand, is a British scientist. He identified the hepatitis C virus jointly with Cui-Lim Chu, George Cuo & Daniel Bradley.

              Hepatitis B virus was first detected in the last century. Hepatitis-B was then discovered by scientist Baruch Bloomberg. He first showed how deadly the transmission of this blood-borne virus can be. From there, he gave evidence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Bloomberg won the Nobel Prize in 1976 for it. This time, three medical scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery of another virus of the same genus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 70 million people are infected with hepatitis each year. The disease kills more than 4 lakh people.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

September 22, 2020

US Researchers' Demand - COVID can be killed (American Journal of Infection Control)


              Not just vaccines. Ultraviolet rays can also become a 'Life-giving Medicine' of corona eradication. A team of US researchers has found such an alternative way to save from the epidemic. There is no risk of inventing a vaccine. There are no side effects of vaccination. Bigger than that, there is no harm in spending a lot ofmoney. Just need a little touch of ultraviolet light. And by this may break the 'poison teeth of COVID-19'. In the language of medicine, this medical procedure is called 'UV radiation'. There is also a great success in applying special doses. That is the claim of the researchers.

        The general public is afraid of ultraviolet rays. However, there is no fear in its application to corona treatment. The researchers said. They claim that these ultraviolet rays have no side effects. Not even the slightest effect on the skin of the human body. This ray is very good at eliminating the invisible enemy from behind. The new study was recently published in The American Journal of Infection Control.

             UV radiation is not a new term in medicine. There is widespread use of the virus as a strategy. Before the outbreak of Covid-19, it was possible to neutralize the seasonal SARS virus with 222-nanometer long ultraviolet rays (FAR-UVC). There are many similarities between that virus and the structure of SARS-COV-2 virus. However, the application of UV radiation at the beginning of Corona treatment did not bring success in the previous formula. But the researchers did not give up. They focus on discovering more effective rays. That's when 'Ultraviolet-C' comes in hand after a lot of cuts. The research paper said, "This new ray with a wavelength of 222 nanometers is not harmful at all. It is capable of eradicating the virus without causing any sores on the eyes or skin.’

          Why are researchers so sure? They said the extra effectiveness of ultraviolet rays came to seen only after laboratory tests. In their research, they chose a 100 microlitre solution containing corona-virus. With a 9 cm sterile polystyrene plate. The liquid is first placed in a special bio-safety cabinet. It is dried at room temperature. In the last step, the researchers introduced radiation through a UV-C lamp at a height of 24 cm above the plate. They are surprised to see the test results! It can be seen that 99.7 percent of the COVID virus has been destroyed in just 22 seconds of radiation! Researchers are convinced that this ultraviolet ray has no effect on human cells. However, they want to wait a few more days before making a final decision on the matter. Because testing the four walls of the lab is not enough. It is also very important to check the effectiveness of radiation on the human body. If that test is successful, it is believed that the new path to cure COVID can be completely opened. And in that hope, the researchers want to include a person with COVID as soon as possible.

Good to Know 

            Sunlight contains three types of ultraviolet rays. The first one is ultraviolet (UVA) long-wave rays, which are the most radiation touching the surface of the earth from the sun's rays. It can penetrate deep into the skin and is known to be the source of skin aging by 80 percent.
               The second category is medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB), which can damage the human skin's DNA, cause sunburn, and ultimately cause cancer of the skin. Long-wave and medium-wave UV are considered to be toxic to the human body, and most good-quality sunscreens are immune to both.
            The third one is ultraviolet short-wave (UVC), which is a portion of the spectrum that is somewhat unknown. It is made up of shorter light wavelengths that are more energetic. If it is humans or virus particles, it is especially effective at killing genetic material. Interestingly, many of us are unlikely to be exposed to short-wave UV, since short-wave UV is absorbed by the global atmospheric ozone layer before it enters human skin.
          The reality is that, at least, scientists have found that certain microorganisms can be killed by the use of short-wave UV. Since the discovery of short-wave UV in 1878-79, artificially produced short-wave UV has become a major disinfection technique and is used in hospitals, aircraft, offices & disinfection facilities in everyday life.
           It is important that short-wave UV can be used for drinking water disinfection purposes. Some parasites are immune to chemical disinfectants like chlorine, so it is more important to use short-wave UV sterilization.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

August 26, 2020

COVID -19 Treatment and Trade Connection


                      In the last 25 years, the AIDS vaccine has not been released, the Dengue vaccine has not been released yet - though these are all RNA viruses. But researchers around the world and companies investing in their research are determined that the corona vaccine is coming out very soon. Some have decided the day also. The science that is going on to awaken science with Corona Pandemic is falling a little less.


                   From the very beginning attack of COVID -19, most of the countries of the world have accepted lockdown as a tool to deal with this pandemic. Although the results of the lockdown are controversial. The longer the lockdown lasts, the more the Corona infections. The first claim is that Corona will disappear in three weeks. It was then said that at the end of May, then July would again be the most contagious ever in September. Although these predictions did not match anything special.

                 Many countries did not follow the path of lockdown. But their condition is not too bad. Research on coronary artery disease has shown ambiguity in the data, and the theory of group transmission has been rejected. What is the need for half-truth in the practice of science?

                  In addition to the physical distance and lockdown policy, WHO specifically mentions another method of dealing with COVID-19 i.e., Test Test & Test and Contact Tracing. But when the number of patients is increasing at a huge rate, what is the result of this policy around the world? Sri Lanka and Japan, the two least tested countries per 1 million population, have the lowest mortality rates. If there is an epidemic, the number of influenza patients in that country will increase, call that COVID or not.

            From the very beginning of this epidemic, one thing has been specially propagated, COVID-19 is more affected by the lack of immunity. Every human body generally has an immune system. Unnecessary exacerbations can lead to adverse reactions to various medications or foods - medically called hyper-immune or hyper-inflammatory response - which can often lead to death. Although those drugs or food is good for business. Yet still to come the details of Herd immunity in the days ahead.

                    In India, we thought that once COVID-19 enters a slum, it will spread like wildfire, where it is very difficult to maintain the physical distance. But in reality, no such evidence was found. Ultimately, Coronavirus has a high risk of infection but a low risk of death, so please don't create fearing and disease-fighting climate though it is good for medical business purposes.

Minimum Precaution

  1. Clean your hands frequently and thoroughly with a hand rub based on alcohol, or wash them with soap and water to destroy viruses that can be on hands.
  2. Maintain a distance of at least three feet between yourself and others. The affected person may spray tiny liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain viruses when someone coughs, sneezes or talks. If you're too close, if the person has the disease, you can breathe in the droplets like the COVID-19 virus or other viruses.
  3. Stop going to overcrowded places. You are more likely to come into direct touch with someone who has COVID-19 where people come together in crowds.
  4. Stop rubbing eyes, your nose & mouth. Many surfaces are handled by hands and can take viruses. When infected, the virus can be transmitted to your eyes, nose or mouth by hand. The virus can penetrate your body from there and can harm you.
Eat unpasteurized, nutritious food daily

             Eat fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts & whole grains (e.g. unprocessed maize, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice or starchy tubers or roots such as potatoes, yams, taro or cassava), and animal products (meat, fish, eggs & milk).

* But should take special care for heart patients, hypertension patients, cancer patients, sugar patients, dialysis patients etc., otherwise it is very dangerous for their lives but not for normal human lives who have already immune power in their body. Currently, the number of asymptomatic patients is much higher than the number of symptomatic patients because the corona is not able to do any harm due to high immune power.

Monday, 29 June 2020

June 29, 2020

Suicide is not a solution ever

                     Psychiatrists, however, always say that if there is a problem or deprivation in life, the way to get rid of it is never suicide. If you are suffering from depression or exhaustion, it is desirable to talk to your loved ones or get out of it with the help of a doctor.


                   The number of people suffering from loneliness, financial problems, and various forms of depression in society is not a small number today. The talented boy does not get expected results, loss in business, a lot of debt, not getting a job even after a good education, personal life, or family unrest etc. - people try to commit suicide for such various reasons.

            Statistics show that young people have the highest suicide rate. Depression is considered to be one of the main causes. 70 percent of suicides are due to mental illness. Depression is another very important issue. People feel helpless. He has no love for life. There is also a difficult mental illness called schizophrenia. However, if depression can be prevented, then the tendency to commit suicide can be prevented a lot.

Covid-19 Effects

                Experts believe that not only economic reasons, but also the recent increase in suicides due to Corona in the world-wide. Fear of surviving the virus has made people helpless, isolation has left people lonely, spreading from one's family to someone else's, loneliness, financial insecurity, loss of work for lockdown, the uncertainty of the future, as well as natural disasters in many places - all these causes the trend of suicide is increasing day by day.

Way of Solution

"Winners Never Quit" 

  • Life is really big. There is a lot to do. There is a lot to know. There is a world beyond social networks. Talk to others. You have to connect a lot more with everyone. You can chat with virtual friends. But family and friends in touch are more important. You have to find a job of your choice and enjoy it. Understand that there are many people around us who are in more trouble than I am/you are. Try to join at family events.
  • Success-failure, good-evil are all part of this life. In turn, everything comes back to life. Confidence over time & be patient. Remember, much deeper the night indicates much closer the morning comes. For someone, it is good early and for someone it is late. So you have to open/free your mind to the person you trust. If there is no such person, you have to go to psychologists. No one like me can stop it, this word has to be associated with life.
  • About Covid-19Although isolated physically in isolation, family members need to be very close to each other mentally. Finding everyone on a regular basis & if necessary, sharing everything with many on social media, exchanging information, accompanying children, increasing contact with older people.
  • Come and talk about depression. You have to express and share your feelings. If I'm helpless, let's talk to someone and see if there is a solution. It can't be a job to finish myself/yourself without doing anything.
  • Need to exercise a little. Exercise, pranayama, jogging creates a chemical in the head, which creates happiness in the body. It will reduce many diseases, reduce high blood pressure and diabetes, there will be no arthritis, there will be less heart disease & will be an encouragement in all activities.

Lastly - having faith in God. Life is God's best gift. To end himself/herself's life is utter foolishness and a great sin.           

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

June 23, 2020

The coldest city of the North Pole is boiling in the heat Verkhoyansk

                     At this time of year, the maximum temperature is usually 20 degrees Celsius. The city - Verkhoyansk in the North Pole broke all records in the last week. The temperature was 38 degrees Celsius.

                 At first, this statistic is being viewed with a little skepticism. Maybe there was some problem in the instrument, but the next day the temperature was 35 degrees. Seeing this temperature record, scientists and environmentalists were becoming worried.

            The city of Verkhoyansk, about 4,800 kilometers from Moscow, is one of the coolest areas in the North Pole. In winter, the temperature here becomes minus 50 degrees. Due to this extreme weather, the number of people in the city is low (about 1300). Now the people there are suffering due to this sudden rise in temperature. Scientists say ice is melting at the North Pole much faster than in other parts of the world, due to global warming.

                    The Italian Presena Glacier is also melting ice for global warming. About one-third of this glacier has melted since 1913. This time it was decided to cover the glacier with a special type of triple (plastic paper) to save it. About three hundred and fifty meters of triple stitched & used to cover and sandbags on it, so that sunlight does not enter the glacier directly and melt the ice.